Finding the perfect foundation?

I have always wanted to say…

“I’ve found my perfect foundation”

Unfortunately, after all the years of searching, I don’t feel like there will ever be a perfect foundation. Why?

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French Beauty Haul

I’ve just come back from holiday and I knew the first thing I wanted to share with you guys is all the beauty purchases I made.

I don’t think I have ever been that excited to go on a shopping trip in my life. I knew before I left for France that there would be a Sephora near where I was staying, so this started off my major excitement and I was looking on the website and searching for blog posts for Sephora hauls. I was also looking forward to going into a few pharmacies. My family have always had a joke with me about the pharmacies in France. When I was younger on my holidays in France I questioned why there was so many pharmacies and would always shout ‘pharmacy’ really loudly every time I saw one. Now every time we pass one my family always tease me and say ‘there’s Charlotte’s pharmacy’. I noticed on this holiday there is normally two pharmacies in each village or town.

So the first thing I picked up was this shower gel from Bourjois?! I found it one of the local supermarkets. I’ve seen a lot of different products from Bourjois but I have never seen any body products from them before. Is this a new thing, or just in France?


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