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Dating & Anxiety 101

I’m fine…   Sometimes there is something wrong and we don’t know why. Can’t explain it. Sometimes we feel like crying for no apparent reason at all – Don’t ask us questions, just… Continue reading

Anxiety tips for uni

University is a daunting, yet exciting experience for most. Although, those who suffer from anxiety, may feel more apprehensive than others. Top Tips 1. Let someone know, whether it be the head of… Continue reading

Coping with anxiety on holiday

Anxiety in day to day life is tough enough. So coping with anxiety whilst on holiday, can come with additional problems. For a lot of people, being in a safe and familiar environment… Continue reading

Anxiety coping techniques

When anxiety is getting the better of you, the normal tips are to think about something else/distract yourself. However some research suggests, that actually focusing on the thing you are anxious about, and… Continue reading


F.E.A.R has two meanings Forget Everything And Run                   OR Face Everything And Rise The choice is yours!

Affirmations for Anxiety

Things you should tell yourself everyday This is only temporary I am in control I can take things one step at a time I’ve made it through before, and I’ll make it through… Continue reading

An honest chat..

I feel like having a chat. I’m not sure why really, I just feel like expressing myself today. I’m feeling quite spaced out, like nothing seems real and the days are just flowing… Continue reading