Bluestone Wales -Well Spa Retreat

Included in our holiday to Bluestone we had to the chance to experience the Well Spa Retreat. This lovely cute looking house on the outside suddenly turns into a luxurious tranquil relaxation zone. With the calming music and the beautiful aroma from the oils it makes you feel so content and relaxed.


As we walked through the entrance we were greeted by the friendly receptionist who took our details and we signed in. The reception area had a shop full of gorgeous products and I wanted to buy everything.


We were then handed a bundle including, slippers, a dressing gown and towel. We were told to change into our swimwear and dressing gowns and then wait outside for our therapists. The girls and I had so much fun taking selfies in the gorgeous pink bathroom.


The girls and I then were greeted by our therapists. A lovely girl called Caryl lead me to my private spa room, where she explained a bit about the treatment, asked what I expected from the massage, let me decide on the oils and then left me to take off my robe and pop myself onto the bed.


When she came back in she started on my back which was the main part of the massage. Caryl was great, she explained what she was doing while going  on, and checked with me if the pressure was okay. After my back she went on to do the back of my legs which was the first of my specific chosen areas. By this point I was really relaxed and zoned out, so I wasn’t talking that much. But again, Caryl checked the pressure and made sure that I was happy and comfortable. She then moved onto my facial, which I was so excited for. I really felt it helped with the tension and relaxed my facial muscles.


When she had finished she left the room once more for me to put my robe back on and then re-entered with a cone shaped cup of water for me. Caryl then discussed they key points that she found and thought I should work on. I was then taken to the relaxing room to meet back up with the girls.


Once all of us were back and fully relaxed we made our way to the different spa rooms. It was great to experience all the different saunas, to sooth our skin and get rid of nasty toxins.


After testing out all the different treatment rooms we went outside to the Jacuzzi. It was so lovely to just chill and relax with the girls.  Bluestone-Jacuzzi

Overall I was really impressed with the experience and service I received from the Well Spa. The massage was perfect and just what I needed, and all the other facilities were fab.

DISCLAIMER: I was invited to the Well Spa Retreat for free, for review purposes. This does not affect my opinions in any way.