Afternoon tea with the girls

Yesterday I had I lovely relaxing afternoon with my girl friends at the Vale Resort, having afternoon tea. We had the new summer afternoon tea menu, which works out at Β£35 for two.


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FeD Chef Special | Review

Last week I was invited back, with Johny to FeD Cardiff to try their new chef special menu.

If you don’t know who Fed are they are a ‘Food Exploration Destination‘. A restaurant were you can have dishes from a wide range of cuisines including;Β Chinese, Italian, Indian, Japanese, Tex-Mex and Grill.


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A look back at 2016

What a year, It’s had up’s and downs but I got through it. I had some lovely adventures with my blogging friends, including Bluestone and a trip to London. I also got to visit some amazing places with Johny, such as St David’s cathedral, Carew’s Castle and the Isle of Wight. I faced a fear – holding a snake. I bought a car and past my driving test. Both Johny and I had surgery on the same day. I started the Access to Healthcare course. I got a new job. But most importantly spent loads of time with my family. Here’s just some of my pictures from 2016.


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Christmas At The Grape & Olive

Last week I was able to go the Grape & Olive for the first time. The restaurant is situated in the heart of Swansea, with beautiful views from the top of the tallest building in Wales.


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Meet my pet | Cleo

I have one pet, a cat and her name is Cleo. She has black fur with grey flecks going through her chest and paws. We had her from a kitten about 8 years ago, when a lady who we used to get eggs from was moving back to Ireland. Her cat had two kittens a grey sort of tabby and a black one. When my parents told us about them, my sisters and I decided we would like the grey one and we were going to call it Fleur. What I didn’t know was apparently my dad had said to my mum we could get both. We went as a family to have a look at them, however when we got there another family had already been and taken the grey one, so we were left with the other. When I saw her though, I fell in love – she was gorgeous. We decided to name her Cleo Fleur. When we got her home she was so timid and quiet. It took her a while to get used to the house and we had to keep her in certain rooms to begin with as she hadn’t had all her injections.


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Folly Farm – The Big Adventure

During mine and the girls stay at Bluestone we decided to have a little adventure to Folly Farm. Well it wasn’t little, it was actually quite big. Also it was more like a Zoo than a farm. Yes you heard me, Folly Farm has got Zoo animals! Thinking back to when I used to visit when I was young, there was a few sheep, goats, pigs, cows and a horse. The girls and I were so excited and wanted to see what it was like for 5 young adults, in what used to be our childhood day trip.


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My Week In Photos | 6th-12th June 2016

This week I have been to work, had a little holiday with the girls in Bluestone and spent time blogging out in the garden with the cat.

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South Wales Attractions

Over Valentine’s weekend Johny very kindly surprised me with a weekend away. We traveled around Pembrokeshire and visited lots of beautiful places including castles and folly farm. Here are some of the pictures from our adventure.


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