7 Tips For First Date Jitters

Butterflies before a first date are normal! But how do you stop them so they don’t ruin your date?

1. Don’t over dress! We all want to make an effort for our first date, and sometimes we even go out and buy new clothes for it. BUT you need to be comfortable! It’s no good looking fabulous in a pair of heels you can’t walk in. You need to wear clothes that make you feel amazing and feel confident in.


2. Have a back up plan just in case the date is a diaster or you get stood up. It’s never nice when the date doesn’t even turn up, but you need to be prepared so aren’t left upset and disheartened in front of a crowd. So your date turns up.. GREAT! But 10 minutes in and it’s awkward as hell and not going anywhere. You need an escape, if you have a plan you’ll be less apprehensive if it does actually go wrong.


3. Keep yourself busy throughout the day, so you don’t spend all day worrying about how it will go. The anticipation is always the worst part.


4. Having the date in an environment you are familiar with is a good start. One less thing to worry about! You won’t need to be nervous about going to a new place, how to get there, where to park, what to expect etc.




5. Keep it simple! NO cinema first dates. If you want food, do something else beforehand to make sure you are both comfortable, before awkwardly sitting opposite eachother for a few hours. My favourite first dates are going for a walk and/or grabbing a coffee.


6. If you are not driving, have a pre date drink. Having a cheeky glass of wine will take the edge off. But remember, just one! You don’t want to act like a fool in front of your date.


7. A cliche saying, but the truest.. ‘Your date is nervous too!’ As stated earlier nerves are normal, so just be yourself and have fun.