Lush Swansea Christmas Event – #LushWinter2016

On Thursday I was lucky enough to attend Lush Swansea’s first blogger event! The event was based around the new Christmas collection and I got to experience it all with the blogging babes; Neesha, Ffion, Charlee and Holly, as well as new blogger Leanne and even Johny came too, now that he is addicted to Lush. I also got to have a quick catch up with Katie, who I hadn’t seen properly for 3 years, so that was nice.


We were invited in to the store to have a nose around while waiting for everyone to arrive, there was so much to see and I was extremely giddy with excitement. There were glasses of fruit punch and nibbles left out for us to snack on while having a wander around the shop.







The event started with a chat about some of the new shower jellies and we all got to smell the different scents as we passed them around the room trying not to drop them as they were so wobbly. We also had fun slapping Santa’s belly! They then told us that the whole Christmas range is self-preserving! This an amazing achievement and means there are no synthetic preservatives in them, keeping them fresh. All the products are made using natural ingredients.





We then got shown some of the bath bombs and had little demonstrations of them. It was really interesting to know what ingredients go into the products and how each of them react in water.






We were then introduced to the world of lush product cocktail making. We have all heard about the non ‘lush’ black bath bomb and so we decided to try and make the water black by using a mixture of products. We mixed Lord of Misrule bath bomb with Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar. The water did indeed turn a dark mystical colour.





All of us then attempted to make the new Ruby Red Slippers bubble bar. The staff at lush had never made this one before, so it was a very exciting evening. It was a little hard getting the products out of the molds but we all had a giggle at the shapes they turned out as. I was actually rather impressed with mine.



At the end of the night we were given the chance to purchase any items we wanted to, while the store was closed and before it gets busy in the Christmas period. We were also gifted a goody bag, which included; Boo bath melt, Northern Lights bath bomb, Shooting Stars soap, a mini Charity Pot and a Fighting Animal Testing badge.







Lush Swansea did an amazing job for their first blogger event, I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. I had been waiting for this event for what it felt like forever, and I was very impressed with the structure of the event and all the staff’s knowledge and enthusiasm about the products.

I’d like to thank all the staff for a wonderful evening and thank Urika for organising it with them.

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