Meeting your new partners family

Starting a new relationship is an exciting yet daughting experience, especially for some when it comes to meeting each others families. For me family is important so naturally I become apprehensive when the time to meet arrives. It makes me happy when my family and boyfriend get along and I love to be involved with my boyfriends family. Here are my tips for meeting the family!




Make sure both of you are ready and that both parties are happy too. Nothing worse if there is already tension.


Presuming you have already discussed your families with each other, it still may be a good idea to have a family rundown with pictures so you have some idea of who is who and what to expect.


Equally make sure your family has a little background knowledge on your new love, so that they can engage in conversation easily.


Offer to help out within the new family, it shows respect and makes a good impression that you can join the family dynamics.


It is okay to have a little drink, but getting wasted is not the ideal image to give when meeting new people.


Just be yourself, there is no point pretending to be something you are not. The person  you are dating likes you for who you are and they want their family to feel the same.