Make your own bullet journal for under £5

Bullet journaling has become really popular over the past few years! A bullet journal is a creative outlet, personalised to you. The journal can be anything you want it to be; it could be a diary to keep track of your life and habits, a place to write your goals, dreams and aspirations or a space for making notes and to-do lists. You can be as creative as you like or keep it really simple.


Here are a few images of my favourite bullet journal inspiration.

journal inspiration


To make your bullet journal even more personalised why not make the book itself as well?

What you’ll need:


Your choice of material for the cover (e.g. pleather, fabric, card, sticky-back plastic)

Guillotine or scissors

Needle and string/thread


Pencil and Rule




Decide on how thick you want to book to be and start folding the paper in half to A5 size

Stack each folded piece of paper into an other so that it starts to resemble a book, trimming the edges so they fit nicely inside one another.

Decide whether you want the book to be hard-back or not (if yes glue your fabric to some cardboard to make it sturdy). Grab your choice of material and fold, so you have a back and front, to just over A5 size.

Place the folded paper inside the cover and hold open from the middle of the book using pegs.

Mark out 5 dots of equal size along the length of the middle of the book and using the needle and thread sew the book together.


Now you’ll have your very own unique and personal bullet journal.