First week of year 2

How am I in year 2 already? It feels like I’ve only just started my journey into nursing, yet when I’m on placement, I feel at home there. First day back at university,… Continue reading

Fight or flight?

Our brain responds identically to both real and unreal danger. The response is the ‘fight of flight’ reaction, which is caused by a surge of adrenaline, to help you to choose whether to… Continue reading

CBT – changing your thought process

Ever hear people mention CBT? It stands for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It is a talking therapy which helps you change the way you think and behave to enable you to manage your problems… Continue reading

5 tips for in the moment anxiety

It’s always easier said, than done. However, if you can manage to grab hold of a moment, in the whirlwind of anxiety, try one (or more) of these five tips. 1. Breathe. Something… Continue reading

Summer vibes

Lush – Breathe of fresh air A toner that is refreshing and calming, thanks to the ingredients of carrageenan seaweed extract and rose absolute. The Library of Fragrance – Sex on the beach… Continue reading

Afternoon tea with the girls

Yesterday I had I lovely relaxing afternoon with my girl friends at the Vale Resort, having afternoon tea. We had the new summer afternoon tea menu, which works out at £35 for two.

Spectrum Collections | Event

Last week I was invited to Cardiff, to the first Spectrum Collections event, in Wales! If any of you don’t know, Spectrum Collections is a Welsh based brand, created by the lovely Sophie… Continue reading