The Vicious Circle

Being stuck in a vicious circle is the worst. For the past few weeks I’ve been feeling so low and I can’t seem to find a way out. I am struggling with university and have zero motivation.


Depressed moods lead to depressed thinking and depressed behavior, which leads to a more depressed mood, and so on in a downward spiral.




These moods lead to a lack of motivation or a lack of energy which results in a person cutting back on their activities, neglecting their daily tasks and responsibilities, and leaving decision-making to others.


The most common symptoms that indicate you could be in a vicious circle are;

– Withdrawal from family and friends

– Feelings of hopelessness

– Preoccupation with death

– Loss of energy

– Loss of pleasure from things you used to enjoy

– Sleeping too much or not enough

– Eating too much or not enough

– Increased anxiety

– Increased irritability


The vicious circle is a cycle and is hard to break!

Antidepressants can help change your energy level and improve your sleep.


But what can you do to help escape the cycle?

An increased activity level will improve your mood, make you feel less tired, and help make you think more clearly. Pushing yourself to do fun activities or complete to-do lists reverses the cycle as increased activity leads to feeling better and more hopeful, which improves depression and in turn increases enery and motivation.


It’s difficult to break the cycle yourself so having friends and family around for support is amazing. I posted how I was feeling on Instagram and recieved so much love and support. Just reading messages of motivation and advice really helped improve my mood.