Breakout Live Swansea | Review

Escape rooms have recently become one of my favourite activities to do, so for my birthday I decided to check out Breakout Live Swansea with my family and friends!

We were a tad late as traffic was bad, but that wasn’t an issue. We were greeted and asked to fill out some basic details on a tablet and seperate into out two teams. My mum, dad, sister and her best friend were in one group to take on The Bunker game.


Whilst myself, Charlee from RoseAboveTheThorns, Kate and Mac teamed up to take on The Voyager game.

Charlee and I had done a few other escape rooms together with our blogging friends, so we kind of knew what to expect.

My group were stuck in a space ship and had come out of hibernation early and needed to prove we were human to turn the ship around or face remaining in space for eternity.

The puzzles were very challenging and a lot of math and problem solving was involved. Even though we all had our thinking caps on, we did need a few clues along the way. I think the hardest part was going from one puzzle to the next, I found it difficult to find the link between the two. Although our brains were a bit fried, we still managed to have fun and there was lots of laughter mixed with the frustration.

Unfortunetly we didn’t manage to breakout. We were on the last puzzle but just couldn’t get the correct code. Although we didn’t escape we all had a lot of fun and all agreed we needed yummy food after all the thinking.