Oh My… Cramp

Cramp is horrible at the best of times but when you suddenly get cramp in your leg in the middle of sex it makes things even more awkward.



So what do you do? Well as we all know cramp comes on suddenly and can be excruciating, so politely saying ‘excuse me I need to move’ isn’t really an option. It’s more like ‘Ow ow ow, CRAMP!’ and leap into the air.


Other persons reaction


oh my god are you okay, you poor thing

wtf are you doing? just carry on, it will go away. oh come on please I was enjoying that

*pisses themselves laughing*



After all the commotion, you’ve just got to wait it out. There’s not a lot you can do to get rid of cramp besides stretching your legs, massaging them and walking it off.