Doing my best friends wedding makeup


When my best friend Kate asked me if I would do her makeup for her wedding I was speechless!



Kate and I had previously been to a makeup trial. As Bride and Maid of Honour we discussed makeup looks that would complement and not overshadow our dresses. We both liked the idea of pretty and natural makeup, to enhance our features but still look like us.


The makeup trial was awful, we left feeling really deflated. The pretty and natural makeup Kate asked for, turned out to be an orange face like a wotsit and the heaviest eye makeup that she ressembled a panda.


It was when we got back and started to think about what the hell would we do now, Kate mentioned that I knew the exact kind of makeup she wanted and ‘popped the question’. I didn’t know what to say, I felt so honoured but absolutely petrified at the same time, for being responsible to do her makeup on such a special day.


Of course I said yes, and we agreed to create a pinterest board with makeup ideas and have a couple of makeup trials to make sure that it would be perfect fot the big day.



The first makeup trial went really well, Kate loved the makeup and there was only a few changed that needed to be made, like some shade changes and swapping some products for other ones that were more suitable. We made arrangements to have another makeup trial closer to the date of the wedding and also to try out some different hairstyles. 


The second trial went smoothly as well. We really enjoyed experimenting with different makeup and it was such a relaxed experience, which is important for the actual day. 



The day quickly came around and the bridal party were all full of nerves. We arrived at the hotel, and after a bite to eat we headed to the room to get ready. I started on Kate’s makeup straight away, while the others did theirs and the photographers snapped away. There was beautiful lighting from the big bay windows, which was perfect for me to see Kate’s makeup in the day light. After I finished her makeup, Kate had her hair done, while I got myself ready. 



My next task was to help Kate into her wedding dress. Luckily as with most wedding dresses, she simply had to step in and I pulled it up and laced the corset. The rest of the day was amazing! Kate looked absolutely gorgeous and the ceremony was beautiful and included a love poem read by yours truly. 



Kate has told me how much she loved her wedding makeup numerous times, and each time I still feel overwhelmed with pride. I am so honoured to have played such a big part in my best friends wedding as maid of honour and makeup artist.