When the first date leads to sex talk

Ever been on a date where the conversation autmatically leads to talking about ‘sex life’? Not normally what you’d expect for a first date and when meeting someone new is it?



Well this is exactly what happened when I met a guy for the first time. It wasn’t your conventional date, we randomly decided to meet up around 10:15pm to get a hot chocolate from McDonalad’s and sit in the car to chat. SO ROMANTIC. Obviously I was nervous as I hadn’t met up with a guy for a while. The guy seemed different to what I expected from talking online.

I think this guy needs a name, let’s call him Garry.


So Garry and I went through McDonalad’s drive through, got our hot chocolates, parked the car and started chatting. We talked about our previous relationships and then he started explaining about how he let himself go and experimented sexually. Garry mentioned that he went to a swingers party, but didn’t end up doing anything. I thought ‘fine, each to their own’. Then he explained how he had sex with a married woman and that the husband watched. Finally he told me that the oldest lady he slept with was 62 and that it was the best foreplay he had ever had, he had an hour massage before anything even happened!



Now I try not to judge, everyone’s sex life is different. But hearing all of that really did put me off. Garry seemed nice and we had a good laugh, but it’s safe to say I won’t be seeing him again.

What’s your opinion on talking about sex on the first date?