9 things to do on Valentine’s Day when you’re single

Single this Valentine’s Day? Here is a list of the best things to do when you’re single!



1. Pamper yourself – Do a face mask and have a bubble bath or even go to the spa and have a massage.

2. Dating app game – Use a dating app like Tinder or POF and then play with your friends ‘guess the profession and age’! Even better if you can put it on the big screen (connecting your phone to the TV) bound to get the giggles going.

3. Treat yourself – Buy that new handbag or gorgeous lipstick. Go out for a luxury meal and have too many glasses of prosecco.

4. Spend time with loved ones – Valentine’s is all about love! Spend time with close family and friends and appreciate the love and support around you.

5. Galentine’s Day – If you’ve got a bunch of girlfriends who are also single, go out and do everything you would normally do on a date with them! Buy each other flowers, go out for a nice meal, watch a film and eat loads of chocolates. Have a chilled night in or get dressed up and go on a fun night out.




6. Buy some new sexy lingerie or fancy sex toy – Have a little shopping trip to Ann Summers, make yourself feel good!

7. Give something new a try – Take up a new hobby; cook something different or go to a new restaurant, start a blog or read a new book. The list is endless!

8. Write yourself a letter – Write a letter to yourself to read next Valentine’s day. Write all the things you love about yourself! Be happy and content with yourself.

9. Binge watch Bridget Jones and eat a whole box of chocolates – Everyone’s done this right? Get in your comfy’s, get your favourite box of chocolates and put on the Queen of dating!


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