Coping with anxiety on holiday

Anxiety in day to day life is tough enough. So coping with anxiety whilst on holiday, can come with additional problems.
For a lot of people, being in a safe and familiar environment is essential to coping with anxiety, so when you are on holiday in different surroundings, it is important to have coping mechanisms in place.
1. Find something that comforts you, whether that be something you hold, a certain smell or music that helps calm you.
2. Be open and honest with the person/people you are with. Explain how you feel, and what you would need/like them to do, if you were to have a panic attack.
3. Remember to take any medications you are on for anxiety with you. Including herbal remedies, calming sprays or sleeping aids.
Although going on holiday when you suffer with anxiety can be difficult, it is important to remember that it is just another part of your life, that you can learn to control.