CBT – changing your thought process

Ever hear people mention CBT? It stands for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
It is a talking therapy which helps you change the way you think and behave to enable you to manage your problems better.
Negative thoughts and behaviors are believed to trap you in a vicious circle of thoughts and feelings and CBT aims to break them down into smaller parts, to deal with the problems in a more positive way.
In the sessions you might focus on past situations, which could lead you to think about anxieties and emotions, causing you to become uncomfortable and distressed. The goal is to be able to talk about previous situations and be able to rationalise them, and think about them as a positive learning curve.
CBT doesn’t only focus on your previous problems, it looks at your current situation and how you can have a more positive state of mind.
The sessions are usually on an individual basis, and aim to teach you to apply the skills that you learn in the sessions, to your everyday life.
There are pros and cons for everything in life, and unfortunately CBT isn’t for everyone. The best thing to do is give everything a go and see what works for you.
CBT circle
Personally I found CBT very difficult. It something that you need to do consistently and you need to be comfortable with talking about your feelings and the past. I found the sessions very stressful, as it is constant talking for around 30 minutes – up to an hour, and afterwards I would feel mentally drained for the rest of the day.