5 tips for in the moment anxiety

It’s always easier said, than done.
However, if you can manage to grab hold of a moment, in the whirlwind of anxiety, try one (or more) of these five tips.
1. Breathe. Something we should be doing involuntary anyway. But focus on your breathing and try to maintain a regular pattern. As sometimes when we feel anxious we start to panic.
2. Cry. Let it all out. It can feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.
3. Fragrance. Find a smell that comforts you and makes you feel at ease. Wear it if you know you might be doing something that could trigger your anxiety.
4. Cuddles. At times, all we need is a big cuddle from someone close to make us feel secure.
5. Keep a journal. Write down how you are feeling at the time the anxiety kicks in and then write how you feel after the anxiety passes.

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