I did something major..!

I got a tattoo!

Anyone who is close to me will know how big of a deal this is. I don’t do pain and I am very indecisive!

Having a tattoo has been something I have thought about doing for years. During my school years I was constantly coming up with ideas and drawing them on myself. Back then I really liked the idea of a treble clef.

As the years went by, new ideas would pop into my head but I would never take the plunge and actually get one.

The fear of pain was a big factor for me. I hate pain and even the slightest poke on the arm can hurt and make me bruise.

One thing that always played on my mind when thinking about getting a tattoo was my mum. I know it shouldn’t bother me. It’s my body and I am an adult. Mum absolutely dispises tattoos. Her brother, nephew and niece have tattoos and even though she always makes comments about them she has accepted that it’s their choice.

I  decided on a design and booked an appointment with Timeless Tattoos. For me there was no going back, I had to do this.


I have anxiety as it is. The adrenaline was heightened knowing I had to do it alone.

After going through the whole day of being on edge I arrived at the tattoo shop. The tattooist, Dean made me feel relaxed and was chatting away to me as he was drawing out my design. The next minute I know I’m laying down and I’m about to feel the pain. The pain I’d been dreading.

Dean told me he was going to do one dot, just so I could feel the pain. He did five dots. I was actually okay. It didn’t take long until the tattoo was finished. It was painful and at some points I was trying so hard not to twitch but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

The result..

I am so happy with it. I am glad I eventually went ahead and got one. I always say to myself to try things at least once.