FeD Chef Special | Review

Last week I was invited back, with Johny to FeD Cardiff to try their new chef special menu.

If you don’t know who Fed are they are a ‘Food Exploration Destination‘. A restaurant were you can have dishes from a wide range of cuisines including; Chinese, Italian, Indian, Japanese, Tex-Mex and Grill.


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FeD have launched a new Chef Special menu in conjunction with their buffet of cuisines. So along with trying different foods from the buffet you can also chose one main meal from the Chef Special Menu. On the menu is a choice of five dishes from different cuisines and these will change every few months. This allows you to try variety of foods from a single cuisine as a whole dish.


There are new cocktails and mocktails also available, including this ‘Berry Blossom’ beauty.



The five dishes currently on the #FeDChefSpecial menu are;

  • Italian – Chicken Valdostana
  • Indian – Baby Aubergine Curry
  • Grill – Beef Steak
  • Japanese – Pork Shogayaki
  • Chinese – Crispy Fried Vegetable Dumplings




Johny opted for the pork shogaykai and I decided to try the beef steak. It was a 6oz grilled sirloin steak served with roasted garlic butter and sage. It was mouthwatering, the flavours combined together were heavenly and the steak was lovely and tender.




Johny and I then shared a potion of the crispy fried vegetable dumplings. Again amazing flavours and the dish was perfectly executed.




We were then given an array of mini deserts; Victoria sponge, chocolate brownie, lemon cheesecake, mango cheesecake and tiramisu. We were also presented with churrios, a marshmallow and a bowl of chocolate from the chocolate fountain.



Overall I was really impressed with the service and the food. The staff were friendly and efficient, much better than when I was there last time. I think the Chef Special menu is a really great idea and I am excited to try some more dishes from the menu.


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