Roaccutane Journey | Month 3

Over the past two months, I have had a nightmare with my skin. I can honestly say, I don’t wish this upon anyone but my skin was so dry and sensitive. My skin was dry, patchy and flaky, especially around my nose, chin and forehead. Though my lips were the worst. They were cracking and peeling and kept bleeding all the time. They were so sore, my lips constantly felt like they were on fire; they were burning.


I’ve had be very carefully with what I’ve been using on my skin. Some days I couldn’t wear any makeup as my skin was so irritable. I haven’t been able to use any face masks or scrubs as my skin was incredibly sensitive. I’ve just been lathering on my Eucerin Aquaphor Smoothing Skin Balm.


Other side effects have been nose bleeds, all over body itchiness and dry, achy eyes. Although I still get breakouts of spots, they have been far less severe and not as painful as before.

I have moved up to 40mg and can definitely see a difference, even though the symptoms have been getting worse. They always say its going to get worse before it gets better, so I am staying positive.