Gift guide for her – part 2

After showing you my Christmas wishlist in my last post, today I can share with you what is on my sister, Annabelle’s list this year.



Lush Beautiful shower gel | Adidas AdiPower Weightlifting Shoes | ipod shuffle – Red | British and Irish Lions Boot Bag – Navy |Lush Vanishing Cream | Strippd vegan vanilla protein | itunes gift card |Lush Big solid conditioner

Lush Beautiful Shower Gel – I brought the smallest size of this, and it lasted me ages, I would love to get the larger bottle.

Adidas AdiPower Weightlifting Shoes – I do weightlifting and a good pair of shoes are expensive, these ones have done the best on all the lists I’ve researched but the price-tag is steep – maybe next year?

iPod Shuffle – I am beginning to realise taking my phone with me to listen to music when I work out is not working; it is clunky and moves about too much in my pocket whilst I lift.

Canterbury British and Irish Lions Rugby Boot Bag – I have been desperate to get a boot bag since I started rugby three years ago, and as a massive Lions fan and us going to New Zealand in 2017 when is the better time to get one?

Lush Vanishing Cream – I have wanted this for a while but the price is a bit out of my budget.

Strippd Vegan Vanilla Protein – I have the chocolate version of this protein powder, and the taste is not amazing, but I have heard great things about the vanilla flavour.

iTunes Vouchers – This goes along with the iPod Shuffle; I need a heavy beat to get me worked up enough to lift, and with Apple; music = money. So to get my gains on, I need to pay with cash (or in this case – vouchers).

Lush Big Solid Conditioner – I have been trying to move all of the products I use, slowly to more ethically sourced options and so getting this conditioner is a big step (haha ‘big’ because the product is called ‘Big’? … Ok I’ll let myself out.


Sophie’s Christmas list is coming soon!