Kiehl’s Cardiff Blogger Event

When I heard that the lovely Katie was organising a blogger event for the new Kiehl’s Cardiff store, I knew I had to go! Kiehl’s has always been a brand I have been longing to try but never had the chance to as there were no counters near where I live. I’d continuously hear the songs and praises from people using their products and was really intrigued to learn what knowledge of skincare they had.


Holly and I eventually made it to the store (huge amounts of traffic) and were greeted by Katie and the lovely other staff. We had a quick look around the store while waiting for everyone to arrive. There was so much to see and so many different ranges it was difficult to know what product did what. Luckily the staff explained all about their top products and about the different ingredients doing certain jobs to the skin.


The interior is really quirky and different, and even though the store isn’t that big it feels very spacious and well laid out. There was lots of information about how and when Kiehl’s first started and some photographs of Mr Kiehl’s workshop and the pharmacy.



The event also provided us with some lovely drinks and snacks. A glass of prosecco (or fruit punch), macaroons, cupcakes and burrito’s. I was in heaven!



We also got to see all the Christmas packaging – it’s so cute!


During the event we all got to speak to one of the members of staff and have a skin consultation. As some of you may know, I suffer with acne and am now on Roaccutane. I haven’t been able to use a lot of products and have to be careful about the ingredients I put on my face. Mathew did an exceedingly good job at explaining suitable products for my skin and introduced me to Kiehl’s new product – Nightly Refining Micro-Peel Concentrate. The Quinoa Husks inside are exfoliating so after 1 week it promises to visible refine texture and even skin tone.


I’ll be the judge of that – as I ended up purchasing it. Review coming soon!


We all received a goody bag and inside the bag was this gorgeous box. I absolutely in love with Kiehl’s packaging. We got samples of some of their top products and I am really excited to try them.


Overall I am delighted that I attended this event, it was well organized and thought through and the product knowledge was outstanding. I am very impressed with the service from the staff and will definitely be going back there to purchase more skincare products in the future.


A BIG thank you to Kiehl’s, Katie and all the staff for holding a fabulous event!

Have you tried anything from Kiehl’s?