Isle of Wight | Our little getaway

Johny and I decided to go on a  weekend away to the Isle of Wight and we had a lovely time exploring the island.

We made our way bright and early on Friday morning and traveled down to Southampton where we were catching the ferry from. We made good timing and were soon on the boat , making our way across the sea to the Island.


Once we departed the boat, we finished our journey and arrived at the campsite by the afternoon. After checking in and having a look round, we had pizza and then got ready for a night at the entertainment arena, which for that evening was a comedian/magician. It just so happened that he decided to pull me away from Johny by saying ‘I am stealing your wife’ and dragging me onto the stage. He was such a funny guy but so terribly strange, however his magic tricks were awesome.


The next day we headed straight out to the Amazon World Zoo. This was the best thing about the whole trip. We got to see so many amazing animals including; parrots, sloths, all different kinds of monkeys, ocelots, meerkats, pandas, wallabies and lemurs. The lemurs were the best as we got to walk into the enclosure with them and learn about them while watching them eat. They were so excited to see us and jumped all over us. One of the troop decided to jump on Johny’s head and start eating his hair. Another, one of the twin babies, took a liking to me and wouldn’t leave my side. She was so adorable and as they hadn’t been named yet I put the name Lottie forward for nomination.


Next we went to the town of Sandown and went to the pier and huge arcade. We had fun on the slot machines and also tried our hands at crazy jungle golf. We then had a look around some of the quirky shops but didn’t stay long as it decided to tip down with rain. Once back we got dressed up and then went in a taxi to one of the local pubs for food. We had a lovely meal and lots of drinks and chatted and listened to live music all night.


Our last full day was spent whizzing around the different towns trying to find a car-boot sale or market, unfortunately no such luck, so headed to an animal rescue center, where there was loads of different types of monkeys and birds. After that we decided to go Newport, the main town of the Island. We had a quick look around the shops but to be honest it was nothing special as they were just big branded shops like any another town would have. Next stop was the little village of Godshill, it was so cute! We went into the chocolate island where we could see inside the factory and we were able to try some churros and dipping chocolate of our choice. They were absolutely delicious. We also chose some beautiful artisan chocolates.


In the evening we went to the restaurant on the campsite for food and then headed to the entertainment arena for one last time where we took part in the pub quiz. Johny and I were terrifyingly rubbish but it was hilarious and we really enjoyed the night.

On the final morning we went straight back to Godshill as we wanted to see the model village. It was fantastically done and all the detail is amazing. We then made a quick stop back at the zoo to see the lemurs one last time before leaving the Island.


After our journey back across the sea we traveled up to Salisbury where we had a lovely look around the Cathedral. It was so interesting and fascinating to see an original Magna Carta. It was a great experience to round off the holiday.


Johny and I have decided we would love to go back to the Island as there are so many more things we would like to do there.

Have you been to the Isle of Wight?

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