Meet my pet | Cleo

I have one pet, a cat and her name is Cleo. She has black fur with grey flecks going through her chest and paws. We had her from a kitten about 8 years ago, when a lady who we used to get eggs from was moving back to Ireland. Her cat had two kittens a grey sort of tabby and a black one. When my parents told us about them, my sisters and I decided we would like the grey one and we were going to call it Fleur. What I didn’t know was apparently my dad had said to my mum we could get both. We went as a family to have a look at them, however when we got there another family had already been and taken the grey one, so we were left with the other. When I saw her though, I fell in love – she was gorgeous. We decided to name her Cleo Fleur. When we got her home she was so timid and quiet. It took her a while to get used to the house and we had to keep her in certain rooms to begin with as she hadn’t had all her injections.


Now she’s been with us 8 years and she’s a right little madam. She is very spoilt! Her personality is so funny. One minute she can be laying quietly fast a sleep and then she can have a hyper moment and run all over the house and tried to climb up the walls. One of her nick names is ‘speedy cat’. Another nick name is something my dad and boyfriend call her; ‘fat cat’ as she has a little pouch of fat on her belly and when she runs you can see it wobble. I just call her princess as she is my little princess.


A couple of years ago there was an incident, where we don’t know what exactly happened as none of us saw it. However from what the vets could tell, she got run over. A car had clipped one of her back legs. At the time, nobody had seen the cat all day but then she came inside and collapsed on the floor. She was rushed to the vets and she had to stay in a few days because she wasn’t going to the toilet. If she couldn’t go in a few days she would of had to have been put down. Luckily the vets gave her some laxatives and she was able to go. Once we knew none of her insides had been damaged we had to see if the vets could fix her leg. We were told they could do an operation but it was normally done on dogs so there was a chance she wouldn’t make it. After a long discussion my dad decided he would pay for it. Cleo had the operation and made it. We were able to take her home and she had to stay in a cage for a couple of weeks. We were told she might not be able to do much, such as jumping up and playing, but she is full of life. She still occasionally limps but most of the time she is so active. She still is able to catch lovely mice and birds for us (ewwww) and is always having her hyper moments.


As for food, she is very fussy. She sticks her nose up at loads of things and my mum buys her a variety of different brands of food. One thing she does love is dreamies. She absolutely adores them, and goes wild every time she hears the packet rustle. Cleo also likes a few bits of human food; ham, chicken, fish.. the usual. She loves cheese! But a strange thing she likes is crisps! She likes all different types of crisps. Wotsits, quavers, hula-hoops and pom bears.


Cleo cat is so adorable and even though she isn’t the cuddliest of cats she loves company and being around us. She is like a dog, and follows us everywhere, she even plays fetch in the garden. As I am finishing this post she is fast asleep on the bottom of my bed and will be until dinner time. I hope you enjoyed learning about her, let me know if you have any pets in the comments.