Roaccutane Journey | Month 1

I have been taking Roaccutane for a month now and am going to share my experience so far.

When I started taking the tablets I knew my fattiest meal would be in the evening so decided that would be the best time to take them, however I found it hard to remember to take them and my boyfriend was always reminding me. I take my other tablets first thing in the morning and am in a routine doing that, so I just think it’s going to take time to get used to taking these tables with my meal.

My skin before taking Roaccutane

The first week I didn’t notice any changes at all, everything seemed normal. But by the second week my lips became so dry and they kept cracking and bleeding. Luckily the lovely Helen from The Love Cats Inc had recommended I purchase the Eucerin Aquaphor Soothing Skin Balm, and I literally smother this all over my lips all throughout the day.

I haven’t really had any other side effects so far, which is a positive.

Here is my skin after month 1


My appointment with the dermatologist went well. My tests came back all okay so I was given the all clear to have my next months worth of tablets released. We discussed my skin and how it is reacting to the treatment and decided to keep me on the same dosage for another month to make sure my skin can tolerate it, as my skin is sensitive.

I am looking forward to seeing the results after the next month, it would be nice to see a difference so that I know it’s working. Hopefully my side effects won’t get an worse.

Stay tuned for my posts about my journey with Roaccutane.