Starting Roaccutane

I have suffered with spots since I was a teenager and have spoken about it previously on my blog, but have never really said how bad it effects my self esteem. When I look at myself in the mirror, bare skin, I feel like I want to claw my face off. I despise the way I look and it’s all down to spots. I always want to cover up face, I put tonnes of foundation on and just want to hide behind a mask.


Through my teens I tried so many potions and lotions. I tried physically to cut the spots out of my face (something I am not proud of). I was prescribed tablets, creams and antibiotics from the doctors, but nothing seemed to work. I was always told it’s a thing you grow out of – BOLLOCKS. For many teens, yes I agree, it’s just a hormonal thing. But for some of us it seems to be so much more than that.

The waiting list to see a dermatologist is so long but eventually I was seen and have now been prescribed with a harsh drug which they say is the last resort.


Roaccutane. You may have heard of it before, there seems to be a lot of talk about it recently in the beauty world. If not, it’s a drug that contains something called ‘isotetinoin’ which is related to vitamin A and is part of the group of medicines called retinoids which treat acne.

As I said, it is used as a last resort for severe cases due to it having a lot of different side effects. The way Roaccutane works is that you take a tablet once a day with the fattiest meal you eat (e.g. main meal) and you take the tablets for a period of time depending on your body and acne. Every month you will have a meeting with your dermatologist to discuss your progress and see if you need to up the dose or continue for some more months. The dosage you start on depends on your weight and severity. At each appointment you will also have a blood test as it can effect your liver and kidneys, and also a pregnancy test as you are not allowed to get pregnant at all on the medication as it can do some serious damage to the baby. If the tests are both okay and everything has had the all clear, they will release the next’s months tablets.


It is a long process with the medication and can be quite stressful. The hospital will monitor you closely to make sure you are fit and well. The final results are normally successful and most patients are happy with the outcome.

I am hoping to get the results I am looking for and to feel comfortable enough in my own skin to go makeup free. I will be posting my monthly updates on my blog with photos of improvements and side effects.