Back to college essentials!


As some of you may know, after 3 years, I have decided go back to college and I will be starting next week to follow my dream of going into healthcare OH MY GOD, I’M BACK IN EDUCATION! The funny thing is I never really enjoyed college the first time around, I mainly just liked the social aspect. However I am seriously excited to start learning again, I’m not sure why exactly as I think a few months down line I’ll be crying ‘WHHYYY, why did I do this to myself’. Perhaps it’s because I am doing something completely different and it feels like a fresh start. Who knows? But Monday can’t come quick enough.

One of the best things about going back to college is the cute stationery. I’m in love with the pretty pens and adore the patterned notebooks.


My favourite shops to buy stationery from are Asda, Paperchase and Wilkinsons and WHSmiths. I could spend hours cooing over all the gorgeous items. It’s literally like a sweet shop!


My college essentials are;

Notebooks – It’s always best to have a couple of notebooks, you never know when you might need one. They are great to take notes ‘obviously’ but also you can use them for drafting different subjects’ assignments.

Folders, Paper and Poly Pockets (not our childhood toy) –  When doing assignments it’s easy to write it out and store in a folder, also with any handouts a lecturer may give you it’s easy to keep neat in a folder as well.

Pens, Pencils and Highlighters – I know it may seem crazy but it’s always best to have loads of each, you never know when they’ll run out or go missing! I like to use black pens the most because they stand out from the paper and make the writing look more professional.


A backpack – I feel the right way to go with a bag for college is a backpack/rucksack. Just because they have plenty of room and they are easy to carry around.

Lunchboxes – A weird one, I know. But taking pack lunch saves money and having the right storage boxes to put your yummy food in is going to be easier and cleaner then just shoving it straight into your bag.


Other essentials;

A toothbrush & mini toothpaste – Just in case you have eaten anything really stinky.

Chewing gum – Again for bad breath or if you plan on kissing someone.

Hand sanitizer – To keep your hands clean in case of emergency.

Tissues – Obviously for if you have a runny nose but also if you need to wipe something up or dry your hands.

Hairbands and hairgrips – In case you need to put your hair up for some reason or your fringe is getting in the way.

Pads/Tampons – For if you come on during a lecture.

Lip balm – Always needed, nobody likes chapped lips.

Bottle of water – Top tip, stay hydrated. Everyone feels and focuses better when they are fully quenched.


I’ve been getting ready for college for months now, planning and buying key items that I’ll need when I start. I feel like I’ve finally got everything now and am fully prepped for my first day.