Review – Spectrum Brushes

I swear Spectrum blew up overnight. One minute I was browsing through their website thinking ‘Wow these look amazing, why haven’t heard of them before’. Then the next, every blogger and their mum were raving about them. I even saw loads of bloggers tweeting about an event. However I was lucky enough to be given a discount code to get my hands on some.

I decided to purchase two brushes I really needed. An eye defining brush and a contour brush. The two I picked up are;  Contour Queen & Draw Me Pretty.


Both brushes are incredibly soft and what makes them even more great is that they are cruelty free and vegan registered.

‘Contour Queen’ is known as a flat top buffer brush. It’s also quite thin and dense, which is perfecting for defining your cheekbones and jawline. I absolutely love this brush and has made the task of contouring for me so much easier.

‘Draw Me Pretty’ is a handy little brush and can be used for many things, such as; adding depth to the crease, blending under the lower lash line & adding highlight to the inner corner. I am so pleased I got this brush as it is a nice little addition to my brush collection.



Also can I just say – look how pretty they are?! Spectrum brushes are so beautiful, they have a couple of different collections but all of them are equally gorgeous.

I am definitely interested in purchasing some more. If you’re a makeup brush addict like me, I would highly recommend checking them out.

You can get ‘Contour Queen’ for £8.99 and ‘Draw Me Pretty’ for £4.99 on

Have you seen Spectrum Brushes yet?

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