A deodorant that actually works? | Perspirex

A lot of the time beauty bloggers don’t really talk about smelling bad, odor and what deodorants they use because it’s classed as too TMI. However today I would like to talk about a deodorant for those of you who might want to know a new way of keeping odor and sweat at bay.


Perspirex is designed to be a really strong deodorant that continues to work throughout the day. The idea is that you apply it under clean armpits at night time and then it’s meant to last the whole day.

I find when applying, it comes out quite wet and it also has a really potent smell – definitely something you have to get used to! Just make sure you haven’t just shaved your armpits otherwise it stings like a bitch – though it does say on the packaging not to use on broken skin.

In comparison to other problem perspiration deodorants it is an average price at £8.49 and easily accessible from amazon and boots.

The best part is that it does stop you from smelling and keeps the sweat at bay. It is also great if you are like my mum and going through menopause, she applies it to her forehead to stop her from perspiring too much and it really works!

To summarise I think it is a really great product and would definitely say it works. The price is decent and if you sweat more than most I’d say it is worth a shot at trying it.

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