Folly Farm – The Big Adventure

During mine and the girls stay at Bluestone we decided to have a little adventure to Folly Farm. Well it wasn’t little, it was actually quite big. Also it was more like a Zoo than a farm. Yes you heard me, Folly Farm has got Zoo animals! Thinking back to when I used to visit when I was young, there was a few sheep, goats, pigs, cows and a horse. The girls and I were so excited and wanted to see what it was like for 5 young adults, in what used to be our childhood day trip.


We walked around for a bit, exploring the area and deciding in what order we were going to do things. After walking through the fun fair we went around looking at all the animals. It was a shame not all the lions were about, but we I think we were all far more interest in the penguins.


Walking about in the beautiful sunshine with girls, watching all the different animals was extraordinary. It was great how close we could get, especially to the giraffes. We could go up onto a platform in the middle of their enclosure, so we were the same height as them and could stroke them. The animals were so adorable and as bloggers we spent loads of time snapping away, taking loads of photographs.


By the time we had finished walking around looking at all the animals we were starving, so we headed to the main restaurant for some food. Food was what I expected, cheap and cheerful. Huge portions which was great, so filled us up ready for the next part of our adventure. BIG MISTAKE. We decided to go into the indoor fun fair, which was fine for playing the old style games like hook a duck. However when it came to us going on the rides, we all felt a bit sick after a while. The rides were great fun though, we all screamed and giggled throughout. You can check out Charlee’s and Holly’s vlogs for some snippets of us enjoying them. We also went on the GoKarts and TheBigWheel, which was so much fun!


We then went and had an ice cream and drink because it was so hot. Also some of the girls took some outfit shots and Ffion even went to milk a goat. After our little break we headed to the Tractor ride which was the last part of our adventure. The tractor took us around the fields to see more farm animals, deer and alpacas. It was a nice little way to end the day.


Overall I thoroughly enjoyed our girls day out at Folly Farm. There was loads of things to see and do, and its definitely not just for children. It was fab for us just to let loose, and enjoy the experience without stressing about work or what to cook for dinner.

Have you been to Folly Farm? I think you should have your own fun adventure!

DISCLAIMER: I was invited to Folly Farm for free, for review purposes. This does not affect my opinions in any way.