Review – Pamper Therapy Makeup Sponge

When I got offered to test out a new makeup sponge, I jumped at the chance. Being a beauty enthusiast I love trying out new products and also comparing them to similar items. Pamper Therapy kindly sent me their Flawless Finish Sponge for me to try out and I am so excited to share my thoughts with you.


First of all, I love the cute packaging. I am a sucker for pretty things and this got me even more excited to use the sponge. The shape of this makeup sponge is quite unique. It still has the egg shape of most typical sponges but it also has a flat side to it and a pointed tip. These two angles make it great for getting into all the creases around the nose and under the eyes. This makeup sponge is quite a bit bigger than the other sponges I have used in the past, and expands more when damp.

When testing this sponge I used it damp with a couple of different foundations and using it the way as described on the box by dabbing/bouncing around the face. I have to say, I could immediately get a full coverage with only using the tiniest amount of foundation. After a few extra layers on the areas that needed more coverage I was really happy with the finish it left me. In my opinion I don’t think it would work as well with a thick foundation as it would just make it all patchy. I think this sponge works best with a more liquidy consistency foundation, something like the L’Oreal True Match Foundation.

As for cleaning, I used a mild soap/shampoo with warm running water and massaged in with my fingers. So far I am really impressed. It cleans really quickly and thoroughly, leaving no dark patches. It also dries really well which is a plus.


Overall I am so impressed with this makeup sponge. I have tried many sponges in the past including; Real Technique’s Miracle Complexion Sponge and the ever-famous Beauty Blender but since trying this I have to say this is my favourite by far. It’s a great shape, leaves a flawless finish and cleans effortlessly.

*PR Sample