Review – Post Proactiv+

I have now come to the end of trailing the Proactiv+ range and am ready to share my thoughts and opinions with you.

The first product is the *Skin Smoothing Exfoliator Facial Cleanser. It has gentle exfoliating beads which will cleanse the skin while still leaving it hydrated. I apply to dampened skin, massaging in gentle. Then wash off with warm water and pat dry.


The second product is this *Pore Targeting Treatment Facial Cream.Using the smart target technology it allows the salicylic to target pores to discard dirt and oil and reduce dryness. I apply it to clean dry skin and leave it until it is fully absorbed.


The third and final product is the *Complexion Perfecting Hydrator Facial Moisturiser. This is a nutrient rich cream which is meant to smooth, tone and brighten your skin while making pores look minimized. I apply an even layer to dry skin and leave it to sink in.


These two photos are of my skin after I had used the products for 8-10 weeks. Obviously I still have spots, but noticeably clearer and less redness. My skin feels a lot smoother and looks a lot healthier.


All the Proactiv+ products are paraben-free, dermatologist tested and suitable for all skin types, whether you suffer from server acne or the occasional breakout.

Proactiv+ has 20 million customers worldwide and you can get this 3 step system from for £19.99 plus postage.


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One thought on “Review – Post Proactiv+

  1. Ah I wish Proactive had been around back when I suffered with spots – it looks like it really works well! I suffered with terrible acne in my late teens and the only thing that worked was going on the pill. It’s great that there are so many alternatives these days. 🙂

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