Blog Promoting – Business Cards

Since I’ve had my blog re designed and have been going to a lot more events, I decided it was time to get some blogging business cards. There are loads of different companies who do business cards, I was very overwhelmed with the choice. Fortunately I was very lucky and got sent these cards from a great company called Aura Print.

Business card packaging

I received my cards in this gorgeous bright pink packaging. The cards were stacked and in-cased in plastic boxes and then placed in this box surrounded by pink tissue paper for protection. Throughout the process of creating my cards there was great communication through email and I was able to decide exactly what I wanted and had updated previews of the cards every time I tweaked or changed something.

Business card front

I decided to keep mine quite simple and put my blog header on the front and then a few details on the back including; my website, social media links and contact email. I chose the colours of the text to be similar to the ones from my logo to tie it in nicely together.

Business card back

I really love the finish of them and they are quite thick which makes them nice to hold and seem professional. I was sent 250 of these Coloured Core Luxury Business Cards* which would have cost £47.95. If you think about that logically most people would usually purchase 100 cards and that would have cost only £19.18, a very good price for business cards especially with how great the quality is.

Business cards back and front

I am thoroughly impressed with my business cards and the service I received from Aura Print, I highly recommend them even if it will be your first time buying business cards or you are looking for something a little bit more professional. They have something for everyone.

 *PR Sample