Do you have a sweet tooth? – Lovi Sweets

Lovi Sweets is an online store where you can buy retro sweets. They very kindly offered to send me some sweets of my choice to try. I decided to get two packs of sweets for myself, delicious *strawberry bon bons and my childhood favourites *milk bottles. I then got *cherry wheels for my little sister and a *jelly mix for Johny.


Their website has a clear and easy to use layout and a cute logo which depicts the company’s name well. The service and delivery was great and very quick, each pack of sweets comes in a plastic pouch sealed with a sticker of their logo. I love that the pouches are clear so you can see exactly how much you are getting and what they look like.

Strawberry Bon Bons

The strawberry bon bons are soft and chewy with fantastic flavor; just the way I like them, not hard and too powdery like some can be. The milk bottles are outstanding! Exactly how I remember them as a child, not like these new plasticy ones. These are powdery, soft, chewy and have the most amazing taste to them.

Milk Bottle

As for the other ones I have asked for the opinions from my sister and Johny.

Jennifer said the cherry wheels were hard and plasticy at first but then softened whist in the mouth. They tasted nice but only with a hint of cherry, they didn’t have the intense flavor she thought they would have, like the name would suggest. Though she thoroughly enjoyed unwinding the wheels.

Johny said the jelly mix were incredible; soft, less rubbery than most others. They had a really strong flavor and were true to taste. He also said, and I quote “They are even better than haribo”


Well there we have it, if you miss your favourite old style sweets, check out Lovi Sweets and re-kindle your love with your sweet tooth.


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