Review – Solution for Scars

Science of Skin very kindly sent me their product Solution for Scars* which is designed to reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks, bumps and grazes. I have a surgical scar so I was interested in seeing the progress and outcome of the results from the product.


The product itself is a moderately thick cream, it has a slight smell but nothing too potent. I fount it took while to sink in but other than that had no problems with the substance itself.



I have been using the product for the past few months and I can now share my thoughts with you.



As you can see from the two images above, my scar has changed drastically. Now I’m not saying that it’s all down to the Solution for Scars cream, but I certainly think it has helped. The scar is a lot lighter in colour and has visibly shrunk. Also the texture has changed slightly, it feels less raised than before. I feel like the cream has really helped with all these changes and has also soothed the area. I agree with the product that it controls irritation and redness and that it helps the appearance become smoother and less visible. The only negative I have is that it takes a lot of gentle rubbing before the cream sinks in.


I am really pleased with the results from using Solution for Scars. I will continue to use this product for my scar and will definitely use it if I get anymore.

*PR Sample