A Fun Day Out With The Girls

On Sunday I met up with my girl friends and took loads of photos for each others outfit posts. I’ve never done any OOTD posts before and was really out of my comfort zone but the girls were really good, they made me laugh and relaxed.

IMG_6081Coat – Millets | Jeans – Primark | Boots – Primark

IMG_3747_zpskqtydbu2Zodiac Top – H&M

IMG_3759_zpsst3uejh6Bobble Hat – Primark | Smile – My Own

New ImagemThe girls snapping away

New ImageNeesha | Charlotte | Holly | FFion

nbAfter we finished the photos, we went for a meal in Tigi Friday. Having never been there before and hearing so much praise for it I was excited. The Oreo milkshake was the best thing, the food was average and the service appalling. At least I got to have a catch up with my friends.


I had a brilliant day out with the girls, such fun and gained some confidence for future fashion posts.

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