What I got for Christmas 2015

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. I had an amazing time spending time with my family.

As always with these posts, I am not bragging just simply sharing a few things I received for Christmas, as I know a lot of people like reading them.

From my sister, Annabelle I received these 3 beauties from MAC. A single eyeshadow in the shade Mythology, a 217 blending brush and a lipstick in the shade Patisserie.



From my sister, Jennifer I received the Lush Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner which smells amazing and leaves your body super soft and the Original Tangle Teezer as my hair is forever knotty.


My mum and dad bought me these gorgeous diamond stud heart earrings and the ever famous ghd straighteners. Aren’t I a lucky girl?


Finally from my boyfriend, Johny I received this beautiful Rose Gold Heart Locket from Hurleyburley.


It has my initial ‘C’ and a Diamond star on the front and on the back it is engraved with ‘Love Johny’.  I absolutely adore it and haven’t taken it off since Christmas day.



I am so grateful for all the presents I received this Christmas, I’ve had some really lovely gifts. Thank You to all my family and friends!


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7 thoughts on “What I got for Christmas 2015

  1. I love posts like this, I’m so nosy. Amazing gifts! Especially the little heart locket, it’s gorgeous. Hope you had a lovely Christmas! I’ve done the same post on my blog if you fancy a read x

    Caoimhe | blendandbronze.blogspot.com

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