Makeup health check

As a beauty enthusiast my makeup collection seems to be forever growing but every now and then I think its a good idea to have a clear out. Not only because the products go out of date but because I might not be using some of them. This is where the blogging term ‘shop my stash’ comes into play. Shop my stash is where you rediscover makeup products that you used to use and love and then try work them into your everyday routine.


To make it easier I create categories for the products to go into such as; out of date, give to family, shop my stash. I also test all the products that are in date on the back of my hand to see the exact colour and texture before choosing whether I really need them in my collection.


After I have decided on what I am keeping I will reorganize my makeup storage and place the items I have rediscovered in a more prominent area so that I will be more inclined to use them.

I like to do this every couple of months, that I way I actually use the products I buy and get to discard of any old ones.

Here is a list of recommended expiration dates for makeup, if you are unsure of them:

Mascara and liquid eyeliner 6 months

Foundation and concealer 12-18 months

Lipstick and lip liner 2-3 years

Lip gloss, stains, liquid lipsticks 1 year

Powder eyeshadow, blush, face powders, highlight, contour etc 2-3 years

Cream eyeshadow, eye liners, blush etc 1 year

Let me know what you think about makeup expiration dates and do you have any tips or tricks when sorting out your makeup?