Looking back at my younger years

I was recently looking through some old photos and noticed that for much of my younger years I looked quite similar. Obviously my facial features were changing but very slightly. I look at a picture of me now and still see my old self but my style has changed a lot. I think it was at the end of school and throughout college I changed the way I looked using products.  My sister on the other hand I feel hasn’t changed that much at all with the way she looks, however I think her fashion style has changed a lot more than mine has. Maybe it’s just me, or maybe we all change the way we look. Do we all go through ‘phases’ at the same age? Perhaps you’ve always looked the same and then boom you hit 30 and your style changes drastically.



Realistically I think its all part of growing up, experimenting and finding yourself. Of course your personality changes as well but I believe there is a lot of pressure to look a certain way, so being happy and confident in your own skin is the most important thing.

Feel free discuss this topic in the comments and let me know if you think you have changed a lot or even not at all.