Life update – Work, Boobs & Holiday’s

I have recently started my new job at the beginning of June as well, so have been busy trying to learn loads of new things. Also I have finally started to get the hang of driving, and have just began to relax a bit more during my lessons. To conclude there has been a lot going on for me in the month of June, however now everything has to come to stop..

Sensitive subject

At the age of sixteen I thought most of my puberty changes would have developed and I would be “normal” just like all of my friends, but I was wrong.

I was a late bloomer, my sister who is two years younger than me started her period before I did. The hair I was developing on my legs and under my arms was very fair, and my boobs were barely there at all.


Sixteen years of age and my period was just started to regulate, the hair was becoming thicker and darkening – mainly because I started shaving, however still nothing had happened with my boobs. This was very upsetting and so my mum took me to the doctors. The doctor told me that because I was a late developer I should still give it time for them to get bigger but she put me on a waiting list to see a breast specialist, though they would not be able to do anything until I was twenty one, because they say that’s when your breasts stop developing (other than pregnancy). After two years, my right side had formed into a “proper” boob shape, but it was still very small. The left side on the other hand had hardly changed at all. I went back to my doctor and again she noted that something was not right but said I still have to wait until I am twenty one. All through my teenage years I found it difficult to find bras to fit, I couldn’t wear certain styles of tops or dresses, and got bullied because of it which lead to really bad self confidence issues. On the 6th May this year, the day after my twenty first birthday I saw my doctor again to ask if I was still on the waiting list. She told me, she would write to the specialist again explaining that still nothing had changed and I was now twenty one.

On the 13th June I had my referral to the hospital. The specialist examined me and explained that my left breast was under developed and though there was some breast tissue there, it was such a small amount. I was told that a letter would be sent to the NHS as the doctor thought I was a good candidate to have a procedure for asymmetry of the breasts.

I can now confirm that a month later, on the 13th July I am having surgery to enlarge my left breast to the same size as my right. This makes me unbelievably happy, and though I did want both boobs to be bigger I am just overwhelmed that I will be able to wear bras that fit, bikinis on holiday and tops and dresses which are a little bit more low cut.

Speaking of holidays, I am going away at the end of August so I am hoping that everything will be healed by then. This will be my first holiday in four years, and I am so excited. I will be going to the south of France with my family. I went to the same area the last holiday I went on and it was beautiful, thought this time I am hoping to make a sneaky trip to Sephora. I have never been to a Sephora, which makes me even more excited.


Back to the surgery, so yes I have to take time off work and out of my driving lessons, and hopefully will be all healed after one, maybe two weeks. I can then go back to work and get ready for my holiday. I think driving lessons are going to be on pause for a while because of the operation and money reasons, as I need to save all my money for the holiday.

When I come back from my holiday I will return to work and driving, however I do not know how long for as my procedure needs two operations. I will give more information about if further down the line and/or if anyone is interested in it.

This was a really difficult post to write but I hope you were interested and happy to read it.

I leave you now with my first ever vlog from this past week. I hoping to make it a weekly post on my blog, so let me know if you like it or have any suggestions.