21st Birthday Celebrations

I’m officially (according to my mother) an adult! Yes I am now 21 and have had the best birthday ever.

My birthday was on the 5th May however two weeks before, my lovely boyfriend whisked me away to Birmingham for a two day adventure. He wanted to surprise me but unfortunately the cat was let out of the bag and I found out he was taking me to Cadbury World – my dream land. Cadbury World was brilliant, different to how I thought it would be but nevertheless worth while going. After the fun filled day, we relaxed in our hotel room for a couple of hours before getting ready to go out for food. The hotel was close to the center so we walked into town and found The Mailbox, which we had heard was the place to go to. There were numerous restaurants to choose from and I found it quite overwhelming but finally we settled on a place called Red Peppers. The food was amazing and the service was great, overall a lovely day. The next day we woke up early and popped over the road to a small cafe for breakfast before hitting the road back home. We stopped off in Cardiff for a little shopping and late lunch and arrived home later that evening.


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Back to the 5th May. My birthday itself was quite quiet, I spent the morning with my sister watching one of her favourite programs and Johny (my boyfriend) attempted to make me eggy bread but didn’t actually know how to do it. So I ended up making myself eggy bread and then he presented it to me. Then Johny and I went up to his parents house where Johny gave me a bunch of beautiful flowers. After spending some time with his family we went for a lovely drive to the harbor. My mum had been away to Amsterdam and so I was waiting for her to come home all evening, eventually when I saw the car arrive I ran outside to hug her and SURPRISE – my auntie and cousin had come back with her to surprise me and help with the planning of my party. We all had food together and I opened some cards and presents and then I headed to bed as I was so sleepy.



The next few days were mental busy, trying to sort everything out for my party but also very fun. I won’t bore you with all the details but a dozen different sweets were bought, cupcakes made, cocktails created and flowers arranged. Saturday soon arrived and I was up early to make sure everything was ready for the special night. Loads of my family turned up and a few friends joined the evening. I truly had an amazing time and was one of the best moments of my life!










..and then it was all over. I received some gorgeous presents, and my birthday as a whole was wonderful.

I am one lucky lady!