Practicing halloween looks.

So as Halloween is coming up my little sister asked me to practice her makeup, ready for Friday to go with her costume.

I then decided to practice another make up look on myself. However I still have’t made my mind up for what I should dress up as, so feel free to leave any suggestions below.

##2  ##1


Cracked doll.

Things that need working on:

  • The white for the eyes needs to be brighter and stand out more.
  • The freckles and rosy cheeks need to be more pronounced.
  • The crack on her neck needs improving.


 ##6  ##7  ##5

Vampire(ish) look.

I decided to do a basic dark look so I could then add any extra detail, when I had to chosen what to be for halloween. For example I could have added more detail to they eyes or added flames somewhere, if I were to be a devil. Or I could have created a black nose and whiskers to be a cat (similar to last year). As you can see in the third picture I attempted failed at adding some blood for a vampire look.


Once again feel free to leave a comment suggesting something I could dress up as for halloween. Hopefully by Friday I will have mastered the Cracked doll look.