Getting back into blogging.

So I thought I’d share a bit about my experience of starting blogging again after taking a break.

It took me a while to even consider to blog again, after taking my break I just thought there was no hope of getting back into the swing of things. I wasn’t happy with the way my blog looked, I didn’t like the design or layout, and I just felt that my writing wasn’t good enough.

It was then when a close friend of the family suggested that I should just start again. ‘Just start again‘ I thought. A blog isn’t like a piece of paper where you can scrumple it and throw it in the bin.

After some consideration I decided to give it a go, how hard could it be? My first thought was about what platform I was going to use. My previous blog was on blogger, and though it was easy to use and linked with my google account, I felt I wanted more choice, more depth.. more work!

I researched online for other different platforms to use, but in the end I decided to try WordPress and see how that would work .



Then came the next tricky part, a blog name. I spent hours and hours coming up with different names, I asked my sister and cousin for ideas as well. After careful consideration the choice became clear and that was when ‘All these secrets are sold’ was created.


Although I had loads of ideas for my blog, I found it very difficult to actually take action on them. I was really happy with the design and layout I had chosen but kept delaying writing any posts. After a morning of catching up on some blogs, I suddenly felt inspired and jotted down some ideas in my notebook. Then started writing. Then taking photographs. By that evening I had written my first blog post.

I then realised that because I had stopped reading blogs while taking my break, I had lost my creative side. Now that I am reading again, it really helps give me inspiration.


I am now feeling much better about blogging and although I still sometimes find it difficult to write blog posts, I am happy with the way it is going so far.