Practicing halloween looks.

So as Halloween is coming up my little sister asked me to practice her makeup, ready for Friday to go with her costume.

I then decided to practice another make up look on myself. However I still have’t made my mind up for what I should dress up as, so feel free to leave any suggestions below.

##2  ##1


Cracked doll.

Things that need working on:

  • The white for the eyes needs to be brighter and stand out more.
  • The freckles and rosy cheeks need to be more pronounced.
  • The crack on her neck needs improving.


 ##6  ##7  ##5

Vampire(ish) look.

I decided to do a basic dark look so I could then add any extra detail, when I had to chosen what to be for halloween. For example I could have added more detail to they eyes or added flames somewhere, if I were to be a devil. Or I could have created a black nose and whiskers to be a cat (similar to last year). As you can see in the third picture I attempted failed at adding some blood for a vampire look.


Once again feel free to leave a comment suggesting something I could dress up as for halloween. Hopefully by Friday I will have mastered the Cracked doll look.


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Getting back into blogging.

So I thought I’d share a bit about my experience of starting blogging again after taking a break.

It took me a while to even consider to blog again, after taking my break I just thought there was no hope of getting back into the swing of things. I wasn’t happy with the way my blog looked, I didn’t like the design or layout, and I just felt that my writing wasn’t good enough.

It was then when a close friend of the family suggested that I should just start again. ‘Just start again‘ I thought. A blog isn’t like a piece of paper where you can scrumple it and throw it in the bin.

After some consideration I decided to give it a go, how hard could it be? My first thought was about what platform I was going to use. My previous blog was on blogger, and though it was easy to use and linked with my google account, I felt I wanted more choice, more depth.. more work!

I researched online for other different platforms to use, but in the end I decided to try WordPress and see how that would work .



Then came the next tricky part, a blog name. I spent hours and hours coming up with different names, I asked my sister and cousin for ideas as well. After careful consideration the choice became clear and that was when ‘All these secrets are sold’ was created.


Although I had loads of ideas for my blog, I found it very difficult to actually take action on them. I was really happy with the design and layout I had chosen but kept delaying writing any posts. After a morning of catching up on some blogs, I suddenly felt inspired and jotted down some ideas in my notebook. Then started writing. Then taking photographs. By that evening I had written my first blog post.

I then realised that because I had stopped reading blogs while taking my break, I had lost my creative side. Now that I am reading again, it really helps give me inspiration.


I am now feeling much better about blogging and although I still sometimes find it difficult to write blog posts, I am happy with the way it is going so far.


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Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish.

This is one of the most hyped about cleansers and I often hear bloggers say ‘you need to try this product’.

I am of course talking about the amazing Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish.


Liz Earle is a fabulous brand and well known for their skin care. I decided to buy the Cleanse & Polish Starter Kit for £14.75 which includes: 100ml Cleanse & Polish and 2 pure muslin cloths.


Cleanse & Polish is a two-step hot cloth cleanser. The first step is to massage the creamy cleanser into your face with a full face of makeup, this will deeply cleanse your skin. The second step is to wet the muslin cloth with hot water and then wipe the cleanser and your makeup off in circular motions, this should gently exfoliate your skin.


After using this product for over 2 months, I can officially say I’m in love. Cleanse & Polish leaves my skin squeaky clean but feeling super soft. I definitely feel that my face as become less red and that it has really helped calmed and soothed my skin. I also feel that after using this, it really brightens up my complexion. This has by far become one of my favourite steps in my skin care routine.

I really recommend you trying this product out (if you haven’t already) or speaking to a consultant at one of the Liz Earle counters. I know that this product won’t be suitable for everyone, but I am really glad I listened to those blogger reviews and tried Cleanse & Polish.


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